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Cedric Watson

Darlin Cori

One of my favorite old time tunes. I play Darlin Cori in low "c" tuning. I love the warm mellow sound of a gourd banjo. It's a more similar instrument to the original banjo made on plantations by African slaves all through out the southern US and carribean. My Banjo was created by Barry Sholder in Georgia.

"Black Banjo Gathering", Symposium on Affrilachia, Lexington,Kentucky

During The Symposium on Affrilachia, CeCe Conway (Appalachian State University, author "African Banjo Echoes in Appalachia") & Dom Flemons (Carolina Chocolate Drops) gave a presentation on the Banjo, Black Banjo Gathering & the progression of the banjo through the creation of various genres of American music. Hosted by University of Kentucky's Africana Studies Program. Organized by Frank X Walker.

Jimmie Strothers

Jimmie Strothers was a blind banjo and guitar player from Virginia who recorded 15 tracks for Alan Lomax and Harold Spivacke in 1936. Biographical details are sketchy, but Strothers was apparently a medicine show entertainer for a time before going to work in the mines, where an explosion took his eyesight, forcing him to earn a living as a street singer. Things changed even more drastically when he was convicted of murdering his wife with an axe and was sent to the state penitentiary in Lynn, VA, which was where Lomax and Spivacke, working