Links To My Other Websites

Unity Bluegrass

This website predates African Bluegrass (in fact African Bluegrass began as a Tab on Unity Bluegrass).  It came about after my house flooded and I found a packet of information given to me by fellow bandmate David Neidig telling the history of the band we were both members of.  In it you will find pictures, short (out of date) biographies of those who were members when I was a part of the band, other memoribilia and RECORDINGS of the band.

Northern Illinois Bahá'ís

This was one of my first websites I ever hosted.  I am a Bahá'í and I have dedicated this website to my Faith as a service to those in my area.  In it you will find blogs, articles, videos, photos and an event calendar of local activities.

New Jim Crow Watch

The subject matter of this website is that of the New Jim Crow which is the mass incarceration of people of color and the system which unfairly prosecutes and targets minorities so they can be discriminated against legally.

Proviso East Class of 1972

This website was for my 40th High School Class Reunion back in 2012 (I do HATE thinking in those terms).  I now use it to share bits of trivia and memoribilia from that time.  

Blog 24 x 7

This is the website where I get to rant and rave about other things I have a passion for (besides African Bluegrass)

Drupal Guy Blog

For these websites I use a CMS framework called Drupal.  It is open source and is supported by thousands of volunteers.  Since being laid-off in March, 2014 I have been immersing myself in Drupal working towards making a career of it.  This website is my ongoing story as I work towards becoming a full time Drupaler.