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Deford Bailey

DeFord Bailey (December 14, 1899 – July 2, 1982) was an Americancountry music and blues star from the 1920s until 1941. Bailey was both the first performer to be introduced as playing on the Grand Ole Opry and also the first African-American performer on the show. He played several instruments but is best known for his harmonica tunes.

Taylor's Kentucky Boys

One of the first interracial recording sessions for this genre

In the photo of this band Taylor, who was their manager and not a musician, is holding the fiddle. Jim Booker (who is African American) doesn't appear in it, though he fiddled on all the band's recordings.


Elizabeth Cotton

Georgia Buck


Elizabeth 'Libba' Cotten Medley:

North Carolina Folk Songs And Tunes. Music from 1958. A) Here Old Rattler Here; B) Sent For My Fiddle Sent For My Bow; C) George Buck; D) Run...Run; E) Mama Your Son Done Gone; F) Sweet Bye And Bye; G) What A Friend We Have In Jesus. 

Jimmy Collier Videos

As a young man, singer/songwriter Jimmy Collier helped dismantle segregation in the South through the power of music. He shares his experiences traveling with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and transforming African-American spirituals into civil rights anthems.

Ekona Diatta with Daniel Laemouahuma Jatta in Kanjunka 7 20 08

Ekona Diatta, master of the Jola akonting (ekonting) plays at kanjunka. Kanjunka is near the village of Mlomp in southern Senegal. We are on the Southern shore of the Cassamance River. The Jolas of Mlomp relate that the Jola people received the akonting (ekonting) form their neighbors the Manjagos at some time in the distant past, right here in Kanjanka. Thus we are at the birthplace of the akonting. Daniel is wearing the orange T-shirt and translating The akonting has many similarities to the banjo, and is consider a West African banjo ancestor.