I am not nor have I ever professed to be an expert in any of this.  I am not a Historian nor am I a Musicologist.  I am a hobbyist only.  

Looking around the web I have observed that there is no place that deals with this subject matter and because of that I have tried to accumulate what sources I can and share them here,  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information but I will do my best (as I have stated, I am not an expert).

For this reason if you see inaccuracies feel free to alert me to them.  I will try to do what I can but this is not a full time endeavor (I do have a life outside of this one website).  

I would love to have assistance with gathering information as well as publishing works on the history and finer points of the Black influence on American folk, bluegrass and country.  If you would like to help out contact me and we can discuss the matter.