Cedric Watson

Cedric Watson on gourd banjo "Darlin Cori"
Cedric Watson on gourd banjo "Little Sadie"
Cedric Watson on gourd banjo "Old Joe Clark"
Cedric Watson "Jenny Get Your Hoe cake Done"

Darlin Cori

One of my favorite old time tunes. I play Darlin Cori in low "c" tuning. I love the warm mellow sound of a gourd banjo. It's a more similar instrument to the original banjo made on plantations by African slaves all through out the southern US and carribean. My Banjo was created by Barry Sholder in Georgia.

Old Joe Clark

This is an old standard about a slave named Joe Clark.

Jenny Get Your Hoe cake Done

An old minstrel tune that was very popular in the middle of 1800's